Are You Looking for Cliffside Preparatory School?

If you happen to stumble across this site while searching for Cliffside Preparatory School on Shawnigan Lake in British Columbia north of Victoria British Columbia, Canada I would ask you to look on Facebook in groups or try this link if you have a Facebook page already set up Cliffside Preparatory School to start tracing some of your old school mates. Please don’t email to the address on this site since it’s hardly ever checked and please don’t use Classmates, since it’s a pay for site. I try not to use sites such as those while searching for old school mates.

There are only a few of us on the site that you might know but as your well aware the more people discover the site the more we can trace around the globe.

If you want to see what the place looks like now, I’ve created a Blogspot Site this spring after spending a few hours wandering around the old place which is now a Easter Seals Camp and until 2009 and  had been another private school called Lakeside Prep.

If for some reason you don’t want to join the Facebook Group over privacy concerns, you can always leave a Comment at the bottom of the page and I will receive it and we can go from there.

Cliffside Foundtion Year 1959  1960 copy

1959-1960 Foundation Year

Cliffside Prep School Year  1 1960 1961


Cliffside Prep School 1961  1962


1962 1963


1963 1964


1964 1965


1966 1967


1967 1968


Cliffside Preparatory School Year End Photo 1968  1969

1968 – 1969

1969 1970


1970  1971

1970 – 1971

Back Row L to R: 1. ?? 2. ?? 3.  ?? 4.?? 5. ?? 6. ?? 7.=Ross Armour 8.=Jonathan Guard 9.=Waldo Happy 10. ?? 11.Not enough to see 12.=Bryan MacFarlane 13. ?? 14.=Mike Chase 15. ?? 16.=Jamie Curtis 17. ?? 18.=Kim Reinholdt 19.=Philip Cowan 20. ?? 21. ?? 22. ?? 23. ??

4th Row L to R: 1. ?? 2. ? Brown 3.=John Hobbs 4.=Gibson 5. ?? 6.=Corneilus Steenken 7.=Ted Sisson 8.=Davey Johnson 9. ?? 10. ?? 11.=Paul Williams 12. ?? 13 ?? 14.=Jeff Deutsch 15.=Wiener 16. ?? 17. ?? 18.=Geoff Fowler 19. ?? 20.=Andy James 21. ??

3rd Row L to R: 1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ?? 5. ?? 6. ?? 7. ?? 8.=Jesse Pring 9. ?? 10.Duncan Nicholson 11. Jeff Hermuses 12.=MacDougall13. ?? 14. ?? 15.=H. Steenken 16.=Timothy Cameron 17.=Ted Cowan 18.=Wilson Chard 19. ?? 20. ?? 21. ?? 23. ??

2nd Row L to R:  1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ?? 5. ?? 6.Vince Howlett 7.Mr Leask 18. ?? 19. Ms Cleveland 20. ?? 21. John Eastaugh 22. ?? 23 ?? 24.Jack Findlay 25. The Rev 26. ?? 27. ?? 28. ?? 29. Phil Head 30. ?? 31.Jim Lodge 32.=Terry McLaren 33.=Hughes 34.=Ross Curtis

Front Row L to R 1. ?? 2. ?? 3.=Jim Roffey 4. ?? 5. ?? 6.= Chris Hyde-Lay 7. ?? 8. ?? 9. ?? 10.=Duncan Heeren 11. ?? 12. ?? 13. ?? 14. ?? 15. ??

1971-1972 ( Second Year End Photo ) Courtesy of Wes Discher

Original Year End Photo 1971- 1972 ( To many hidden faces ) Courtesy of Wes Discher


The Class of 1972-1973 at Cliffside Prep School

Front row Tony Carlson, Hugh Roffey, Dean Madill, Dale Reinhart, Thomas Tatton, Kerry Curtis, Michael Dixon, Steven Raper, Billy Cole, Dirk Gay, Keith Pate, Duncan Heeren

Seated Mr. Howard(accountant) Brian Groos, Rev Howson, Mr. Kenyon, Mr. Head, Mrs. Chidley, Mr. Finlay, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Eastaugh, Mr. Peacock, Mrs. Frowd, Mr. Kne, Miss Groos, Mr, Collins, Mrs. Byman, Mr. Olson, Mr. Leask, Mr. Hussar

3rd row Bruce Henn, Scott Fossum, Merton Proctor, Tim Roberge, Peter Horvat, Michael Kapsa, Ross MacFarlane, Sean Hutchison, Ross Armour, Johnny Yiu, Wayne Massick, Jamie Curtis, Daniel Torres,John Roberge, Peer Waterlow, Herbert Steenken, Tim Hollands, James Yiu, Del Lewis, Michael Bjornson, Randy Short, Earl Paquette,

4th row Geoff Perkins, Antony Pitt, Tim Allix, Paul Hoffman, Hans Van Dorne, Rick Murray, Wes Disher, Tim Cameron, Michael, Chase, John Sparks, Pat Wilson, Mike Hooper, Cliff Chan, ? Gendron, Geoff Anderson, Cornelius Steenken, Ian Weir, Jim Roffey, Doug Taylor, Will Frowd,Roberto Saveedra

Back row Walter Hapay, Matt Dalton, Mauricio Garcia Simon Chau, Matt Hanford, Ken Gabrielson, Kenny Mung, Matthew Koster, Mark Laucks, Kelly Smith, Sandy Weiner, Mark Stenning


The Class of 1973-1974 at Cliffside Prep School

Front row- Ralph weber, Stephen Somerville, Randy Short, Eduardo de los Reyes, Hugo Bautista, Donald Amos, Del Lewis, David Hilborn, James Meihuizen, Ian Reid, Bill Murray, Richard Candy, Martie Schmidt, Billy Coles

2nd row Andrew Wardroper, Anthony Pitt, Merton Proctor, Shirley Chidley, Alan Wilson, Mrs. Fedun, Mr. Jackman, Mrs Leggitt, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Eastaugh, Mr. Peacock, Mr. Finlay, Father Howsen, Mrs. Frowd, Mr Leask, Mrs Lafontaine, Mr. Collins, ??, Mr. J, Mr. Hurton, Mr. Kenyon

3rd row Nick Hill, Earl Paquette, Geoff Perkins, Todd Revill, Paul Hoffman, Kevin ?, David Marsden, Dick Kuun, Malcolm Bull, Rick Bailey, Bill McEnhill, Tony Carlson, Alejandro De La Riva, Kevin Newcombe, Matt Dalton, Wayne Newcombe, Tim Holt, Robert Meihuizen, Alejandro Ortega, Lee Scott, Stuart Watson, ??

4th row Murray Watson, Michael Bentz, Dean Madill, Chris Gaynor, James Hazard, Tom Howell, Chris Smart, Bruce Henn, Hugh Roffey, Garth Kitson, Duncan Heeren, Keith Pate, Mark Woodson, Jorge De los Reyes, Scott Robertson, Desi Kinsola, Steve Raper, Thomas Tatton, Dale Reinhard, David Johnson, ???, Danny Matthews, Chris Brown

Back Row Herb Roden, Brad Culpepper, Gary Vansacker, Peter Horvat, Del Thomas, Tim Hollands, Will Frowd, Johnny Yiu, Ross Macfarlane, Sean Hutchinson, Ross Armour, Tim Allix, Sandy Weiner, John Roberge, Tim Roberge, Doug Taylor, Hans Van Dorne


The Class of 1974-1975 at Cliffside Prep School

We honour the dead as much as we honour the living on the site:

Deceased Cliffside Alumi

Stuart Goodwin

Mert Proctor

Raymond James

Ian Cameron [killed in a traffic accident in the 70s. Highway 1 near south Shawnigan Road]

Michael Abbott

John Gosling

Richard Candy

Eric Van Dornick [was killed a few years ago flying a plane outside Vancouver]

Matthew Koster (killed in a car accident near Ashcroft 1978)

Jeff Anderson


Mr. Thomas Stewart Reid Peacock [December 18 1916 Quebec City – September 12 2003 Victoria]

Mr. Jack Findlay

Mr. Leask

Murry McApline

Coliln Skinner

It is beginning to look like that after Cliffside closed in 1977 that all the records that school had where thrown in the trash, so subsequently the Facebook Group is wanting any former members of Cliffside Preparatory School to submit what they have, anonymously or through the Facebook Group

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